Air traffic

“Where did the Gatwick air traffic controllers go?”

IN AN Argus article covering the ongoing chaos at our airports which is ruining so many people’s vacations, a Wizz Air spokesman said one of the reasons was a shortage of air traffic controllers, which I I have trouble understanding.

Before the pandemic hit our shores, airlines had clearly had enough. If they hadn’t, there would have been all these disturbances, but there was none.

Planes took off and landed, the vast majority on time, and very few were cancelled, especially not at the very last minute when passengers were on board and waiting to take off.

So what happened to all those controllers that this airline says are missing?

Why on earth wouldn’t they go back to their old jobs now that life is rapidly returning to something like before the pandemic?

What jobs have they found that pay something like what they previously earned as air traffic controllers, a highly skilled job that requires a high degree of expertise and training?

After all, when you think about it, getting our planes in and out is hardly a transferable skill. Aircraft operate nowhere but on airfields, so controllers have nowhere to go to ply their trade outside of places like Gatwick.

Or was it, as I suspect, just another excuse used by an airline to cover up its inability to deliver the flights its customers had paid for but now found themselves stuck in airports all over the country and going nowhere leave quickly?

Sounds like another case of “it’s not our fault, guv, it’s someone else’s” to me.

Eric Waters