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We are cooperating with NCAA on audit, says Azman Air management – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

The management of the Nigerian national carrier, Azman Air, reiterated its commitment to cooperate fully with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) for the audit of its operations following the shutdown of its flights by the regulator citing security reasons last week.
The manager in charge of the airline, Muhammad Hadi Abdulmunaf, noted that contrary to a false report circulating which allegedly claimed that the airline had attacked the chief executive of the NCAA, Captain Musa Nuhu, claiming that such a statement did not emanate from management.

Abdulmunaf said it was not in Azman Air’s character to attack public figures and would not do so to the director general of an authority which exercises its functions as dictated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
The official in charge told reporters he opened investigations to unravel the perpetrators and perpetrators online in which he defamed Captain Musa Nuhu on behalf of the airline.

He said: “We wish to state, unequivocally and categorically, and without question, that the recent publication in the media in which an attack, allegedly orchestrated by Azman Air in reaction to the suspension of its operations by the NCAA, was launched on the personal integrity of CEO, NCAA, Captain Musa Nuhu, never came from Azman Air.
“There is no iota o

f truth in this post as the content never represented facts, but a deliberate lie aimed at discrediting not only the hard-working GM, but Azman Air as well.
“We were as shocked as anyone when we saw the unfortunate social media post. Yes, our request for expatriate pilots was denied, but that has nothing to do with the integrity of the GM as a person, as other airlines have been treated this way, so we decided to conduct an internal investigation. on the source of this publication.

Management said, “Our reaction to this post is coming now because firstly we were puzzled as to why someone would do this in the first place and secondly we needed to undertake an internal investigation to find out where it came from. . Who were the architects of this lie? What could be the reasons for the act?
“How could we have alleged extortion against the GM for asking that we pay for an advertisement featuring Azman Air in an ICAO magazine when the said payment was not for him but for the publishers?” How could we have alleged extortion against him when, in fact, we accepted the advertisement and continued to provide our materials for the said advertisement?

“How could we have alleged extortion as the ill-fated publication implied when other Nigerian airlines paid and advertised in said magazine?” The fact that we did not pay as we went was not a sign of refusal to pay nor a sign of disagreement, but an innocent oversight on our part, ”he said.

The statement asked, “How could we have alleged any wrongdoing against the CEO for the performance of his duties?” It is part of his main mandate to make the decision he has taken to suspend the operations of our B737s. We are aware of the very high importance the CAA places on security under its regime.
“It is this reason that dictated and determined the CAA’s decision in our case and not the reasons and lies promoted and alleged in this unfortunate publication which has been dubiously credited to us by some who will soon be unraveled.”
“We are leaving no stone unturned in our determination to pick up the perpetrators of this lie intended to weaken our standing in the public eye. There was nothing untoward in the DG’s approach to advertising in ICAO magazines.

“In fact, at the last ICAO conference held in Nigeria, some airlines, in response to the government’s call for financial assistance to host the global event and to fulfill their social responsibilities of company, have voluntarily contributed. No one was forced or coerced into contributing to the success of the event. The DG, who was then representative in the ICAO office like his other colleagues, took part in this campaign. How could Azman Air now accuse him of any wrongdoing when such efforts were never for his personal gain or to be paid into his personal account. “
Further, Abdulmunaf explained that “the inconsistency in said publication and the grammar that characterizes it should indicate to anyone that it never comes from us. We wish to state for the avoidance of doubt that Azman Air is ready and always ready to cooperate fully with the NCAA in its investigations into our operations, as safety has remained our watchword.

“To this end, we therefore wish to disavow this unfortunate publication as never coming from Azman. The perpetrators failed in their deliberate ploy and plot to discredit Azman Air and Captain Musa Nuhu, the CEO of the NCAA.

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