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Village Diaper Bank founder strives to include diapers in public assistance programs

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – The founder of the Village Diaper Bank in Madison is working to make diapers more accessible to people who qualify for government benefits.

Diapers are not currently covered by state or federal public assistance benefits. Those who are eligible for benefits, through programs such as SNAP or WIC, cannot use the benefits to purchase commodities such as diapers.

Founder and CEO Megan Sollenberger formed a coalition with another diaper bank in Milwaukee to reach out to state lawmakers and Governor Evers’ staff. So far, she says it’s been hard to get traction.

“It’s an issue that people don’t necessarily understand, and I also think that because kids are in diapers for so little time and then they come out, there’s a lot, in my opinion, of that air of us’ They’ll pass it soon enough,” Sollenberger said.

She believes this makes the problem easier to solve, since this need is temporary for families. Sollenberger hopes she can change policy not just at the state level, but nationally by working to develop programming that addresses the central question of basic essentials.

“Not just diapers, but you know about things like toilet paper, shampoo, feminine hygiene products, all those things that people have to find other resources for besides applying for all these government programs,” Sollenberger said. “It’s hoop after hoop after hoop, and it’s exhausting, and it’s not easy to do.”

Public Health Madison & Dane County recently reached out to Sollenberger to see if they could partner with the diaper bank, noting that they have county nurses who need diapers for residents in need and their budget doesn’t stretch. not cover these supplies.

NBC15 is proud to partner again with The Village Diaper Bank for our second annual community diaper drive. Donations will help 1 in 3 families struggling to afford diapers right here in our area.

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