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USPS Service Status on Domestic Services and Shipping

Here is our list of known USPS domestic service disruptions and suspensions based on information the Postal Service provides to the public and in industry alerts.

We may include issues reported in the media if they significantly affect operations in an area.

Covid-19 related disruptions are minimal today, but again some areas where there is a large surge may be temporarily affected due to staff shortages.

For the purposes of this information, we consider “domestic” to include shipments to the contiguous United States, as well as those destined for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam, and any other US territory.

Additionally, military and diplomatic mail disruptions will be included, if the USPS is notified of the issues. The Postal Service does not actually deliver mail outside of the United States once turned over to the military for international transport.

This information was the last updated on 07/27/2022.

General information about the impact of Covid-19 related services on USPS operations

Some post offices may have to change their hours of operation without notice, which may affect retail services, mail drop-off and pickup, and access to post office boxes or other services. If a major outbreak is reported in your community, check with your local post office for information on counter service hours of operation.

While most post offices allow 24/7 access to PO boxes, staff may delay delivery of mail to the box.

Mask and social distancing requirements may apply in some areas where local ordinances and Covid-19 mitigation rules are in effect.

There are no known widespread transportation and network disruptions reported by the USPS due to Covid-19 related issues.

Impact of domestic air transport chaos

Air travel has been significantly impacted by staffing shortages among airlines, ground staff and FAA controllers. We believe that widespread cancellations of passenger air travel could impact some shipments.

Even though USPS has shifted more of its first-class mail service to trucks and uses FedEx to transport mail by air over long distances, the Postal Service still uses commercial passenger flights to transport mail.

Shippers should expect delays due to this issue, but it will be difficult to determine which shipments are directly impacted.

First Class Mail Service Standard Fits

Disruptions to domestic service and USPS facilities

Network mail sorting and transport issues

Kentucky – 07/29/2022

Severe flooding from historic rainfall has affected eastern Kentucky and more rain is expected over the weekend. USPS has not issued a delivery alert for the region.

However, reports and videos from the area show significant areas are still under water. Search and rescue operations are also still ongoing, which could close or restrict access to areas.

FedEx has issued a service disruption alert for the region. Therefore, shipping delays with USPS as well as other couriers should be expected.

Missouri – 07/29/2022

Operations at the St. Louis fulfillment and delivery center had been temporarily suspended midweek due to flooding. This center serves nearly 4 million people in the greater Saint-Louis region.

The USPS says operations have resumed, but we believe there are still many delivery issues due to a mail and package backlog that typically follows an unscheduled closure of a facility of this size.

No other delivery units or post offices in the St. Louis metro area were reported as closed or non-operational.

Point of sale closures

Here is a list of active location closures that have been reported via Industry Alerts by the Postal Service.

Arkansas – 06/22/2022

Murfreesboro Post Office, 201 E Main St., 71958. Operations suspended until further notice due to safety concerns. Retail and PO box operations have moved to Murfreesboro City Hall/Water Department, 204 E Main St., 71958.

Florida – 05/11/2022

Avenue of the Americas Branch, 1455 NW 107th Avenue St., Miami, 33172-9997. Operations are suspended until further notice (reason unknown). All operations have been transferred to Doral Branch, 1700 NW 97th Avenue, Miami, 33172-9998.

Kentucky – 05/19/2022

Sparta post office, 101 KY-467 W, 41086. Operations suspended until further notice (fire damage). Customers are directed to Sanders Post Office, 14150 KY-36 E, 41083, until further notice.

Michigan – 07/14/2022

Luther Post Office, 207 State St., 49656-9803. Operations are suspended until further notice (fire damage). Retail, post office box, and delivery operations were moved to the Leroy Post Office at 106 W. Gilbert St., 49655-5123.

Another nearby outlet is available for counter service at the Chase Post Office, 6958 S. Depot St., 49623-9800.

Mason Post Office, 144 W Ash St., 48854-9998. Operations are suspended until further notice (structural damage). Retail, post office box and delivery operations have moved to Lansing Main Post Office, 4800 Collins Rd., Lansing, 48924.

Another nearby outlet is available for counter service at the Holt Post Office, 2190 Aurelius Rd., 48842-9998.

Minnesota – 08/07/2022

Cottonwood Post Office, 106 W. Main St., 56229-5000 Operations suspended until further notice (flooding). All mails have been recovered. All mail and services have been transferred to the Hanley Falls Post Office, 123 N. 3rd St., 56245-5000.

Another nearby outlet is available for counter service at the Marshall Post Office, 302 W. Lyon St., 56258-1308.

Ohio – 06/29/2022

Attica post office, 7 S. Main Street, 44807. Operations suspended until further notice (structural damage). Retail, post office box, and delivery operations moved to the new Washington Post Office, 214 W. Mansfield St., 44854-9800.

Dorset Post Office, 2477 State Route 193, 44032-9803. Operations are suspended until further notice (security concerns). All delivery and retail operations are transferred to the Jefferson Post Office, 37 W. Jefferson St., 44047-9998.

Another nearby outlet is available for counter service at the Pierpont Post Office, 62 State Route 7 S, 44082-9800.

South Dakota – 07/14/2022

Dimock Post Office, 501 S. Main St., 57331. Operations suspended until further notice (reason unknown). Retail and PO Box operations have moved to Parkston Post Office, 111 N. 1st St., 57366.

Tennessee – 07/25/2022

Fairview Post Office, 1890 Fairview Blvd., 37062. Operations suspended until further notice (reason unknown). Retail and PO Box operations have moved to the Bon Aqua Post Office at 10076 Highway 46, 37025.

Texas – 07/29/2922

Chapman Ranch Post Office, 1004 County Road 8A, 78347. USPS added this location today to its list of service interruptions, but did not provide a reason. He said normal operations would resume on Monday August 1, 2022. The site is not normally open on Saturdays and Sundays.

USPS Military and Diplomatic Mail Service Disruptions (APO/FPO/DPO)

No known disruptions are reported by the USPS.

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