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Tirupati: Tirupati Airport recorded 77% growth in air traffic

VISAKHAPATNAM: Airports in PA are now accelerating in different sectors including growth in the number of passengers traveling, aircraft movements from airports, as well as cargo handling post covid conditions.
Four major airports in the state show growth in almost every aspect. Out of which, Tirupati Airport recorded 77% growth in domestic and international passenger traffic, and 44% growth in aircraft movement over previous years as relaxed covid conditions encouraged people to visit the sanctuary from the hill of the Tirumala pilgrimage center.
Visakhapatnam International Airport recorded a 45% growth in air travelers with 16.10 lakh travelers in 2021-22 compared to 11.13 lakh in 2020-21. Tirupati recorded a growth of 77% with 6.23 lakh passengers compared to 3.52 lakh in the previous fiscal year.
Vijayawada International Airport, the other major city in PA, saw 6.25 lakh travelers with a growth of 23% from 5.07 lakh the previous year when it came to 35% growth at Rajahmundry airport.
AP Airtraveller Association members K Kumar Raja and O Naresh Kumar told TOI that statistics indicate that AP airports have a bright future. “Even the movement of aircraft has also increased in the recent past, with Vizag Airport registering a growth of 28% with 14,852 movements compared to 10,671 the previous year. Tirupati registered 43% with 8158 movements compared to the previous year 4612,” they said.
Airport authorities at major airports say the public is now going out freely and traveling to different parts of the country and also to foreign countries. Even Rajahmundry Airport also recorded a 19% growth in aircraft movements with 7019 against 5682. Vijayawada Airport also performed better with 9528 movements against 7423 the previous year.
They said there would be many new flights from different airlines that would be included in a few months. Air Travelers Association Vice President DVS Varma said Vizag’s performance in domestic and international cargo movements is encouraging with growth of 13% in 2021-22 to 4,326 tonnes compared to 3,778 tonnes last year. last year. “We expect freight movement to increase this financial year to double the percentage of the year 2021-22. Because international markets are now open with eased pandemic conditions,” he said.
Statistics released by the Air Travelers Association indicate that Vijayawada Airport recorded a 12% growth in cargo movement with 2,264 tons compared to 1,989 tons in the previous financial year. Tirupati started with an encouraging sign with 83 tons while Rajahmundry also started with nine tons of cargo movement.