Air traffic

Resumption of air traffic in Croatia in April, indicating a strong summer season

A total of 580,000 passengers were counted at Croatian airports, representing a 654% increase compared to April 2021, when only 77,000 passengers reached the location.

According to a press release issued by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, the majority of passenger traffic was recorded at Zagreb airport, with 254,000 passengers, an increase of 375.8% compared to the previous year, reports

The second city with the highest number of passengers was Split airport, registering 135,000 passengers, even more than Zagreb airport – an increase of 842.1% having been recorded. Dubrovnik airport follows with 117,000 passengers, much more than in April 2021 when only 8,000 passengers were transported.

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Passenger traffic at airports which includes the number of departing and arriving passengers on commercial operations, variable at other airports, as explained in the following data:

  • Zadar Airport with 58,777 passengers
  • Pula Airport (11,594)
  • River airport (6,143)
  • Osijek Airport (1,126)
  • Brac (92)

The highest number of exchanges on international passenger traffic was carried out with German airports, with 141,000 registered passengers, or 650.3% compared to the corresponding period in 2021.

The second country to follow is the United Kingdom, with 79,611 passengers, while France is ranked third with 57,995 passengers.

The other countries to follow are the Netherlands (36,324), Italy (32,170), Austria (22,781), Belgium (21,414), Ireland (20,747), Turkey (18 186) and Spain (13,783).

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The total number of aircraft landings and takeoffs at airports in April 2022 was 7,932, an increase of 126.7% compared to April 2021, when the number of landings and takeoffs was 3,499 , while total cargo traffic at airports in April 2022 stood at 728 tonnes, an increase of 14.5% compared to last year, when cargo traffic was 636 tonnes.

International passengers registered in Croatia have been at the same rate throughout the same years, with the exception of August, which recorded the highest number of passengers considering the COVID-19 pandemic (1,173) . This number was even higher in 2019 – 1,834, and it is expected to reach those levels in 2022.

In addition, data from the same source shows that in February, the number of passengers in Croatia jumped to 177,000, or 337.7%, up from the corresponding period in 2021. However, these rates remain lower. 29.3% to those before the pandemic. levels.