Air management

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Key people

Darren Ellis, CEO
Suzie Harris, Executive Director
Chris Trowbridge, Commercial and Technical Director
Laura Littlejohn, Director of Operations

Main sectors of activity

Finance, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Insurance, Real Estate, Legal, Media, Advertising, Lifestyle, Oil & Gas, High Net Worth Individuals, Leisure

Other services

Private aviation, events, incentives, executive leisure, concierge

type of company

Limited Liability Company


• 10% online
• Air 60% / Hotel 30% / Rail 5% / Car 3% / MICE 2% / Other 0%
• Short-haul 69% / Long-haul 31%

Top destinations

Short term Geneva, Paris, Nice, Zurich, Athens
Long-haul Erbil, New York, Dubai, Barbados, Toronto

Office locations

London City and West End, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong

Membership of the association and the network

Advantage Travel Partnership, Focus Travel Partnership, WIN Travel Network, The BTA

Average seniority

8 years

Average industry experience

15 years old


Travelport (smart point)

Online booking tools


Expense management tools

Chrome River

Other technology

QCTM Analytix, Navitas Decoder Suite, Itin-to-X, PNR Watcher, Checkmate, Agentivity, Umbrella Faces, PinPoint risk management platform, Evolvi, Conferma Pay, Focus Fare Finder, Salesforce

CDN content

Atriis portals and airline partners

Key innovations in 2021

Technology suite enhanced by introducing Focus PinPoint, QCTM online profile management solution, Dynamic Scripting file finishing technology and quality control. Partnering with Trees4Travel on a simple, impactful and affordable sustainability solution.