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Publication of new data on air service activity and flight sales for Ireland; Kerry Airport hopes to resume many flights to the UK and Europe; Air Canada restarts flights between Dublin and Toronto

Figures from the air traffic control body Eurocontrol revealed that there were 394 flights to and from the Republic of Ireland on Monday August 2, a public holiday in Ireland.

As reported by Irish weather, the total was around 40% of the 947 flights to and from the Republic on Monday, August 5, 2019.

Flights in Europe would have totaled 24,739 on August 2, or 70% of the 34,894 that Eurocontrol recorded for the first Monday of August 2019.

Dublin Airport reportedly received 315 flights on August 2, up from 757 on the same day in 2019, according to Eurocontrol.

Aer Lingus is said to have made 60 flights to and from the Republic on 2 August, including 12 in Northern Ireland, while Ryanair is said to have made 188 flights, including 160 to or from Dublin airport.

When international travel from Ireland resumed on July 19, the number of flights increased by around 25% to 393 that day.

Cork Airport July Data

The above data release follows a statement released by Cork Airport on its website ahead of the August bank holiday weekend which said: “Although there has been an increase in passenger numbers traveling from Cork Airport since non-essential international travel restrictions were lifted almost two weeks ago, the number of travelers is still lower than before COVID. Cork Airport normally hosts around 10 000 passengers per day at this time of year.

“All the attention is now focused on rebuilding our better and stronger business and expanding our route network. We now have 20 routes up for sale with six airlines, so passengers across southern l Ireland have plenty of opportunities to take a well-deserved break before school starts in August and September. “

The above Cork Airport statement was posted on the Cork Airport website with the following table of statistics:

July 1-7 612 93%
July 8-14 633 87%
July 15-21 933 89%
July 22-28 1,561 83%

European flight data

Meanwhile, as reported Irish weather, Bank of America analysts noted that European flights were 68% of 2019 levels on July 29.

Flight sales in Europe are believed to have increased to 57% of pre-COVID-19 pandemic levels during the seven-day period that ended on July 25, down from 50% the week before. However, long-haul travel sales are said to have declined to 24% of 2019 levels, from 28%.

Bank of America reportedly left sales of all flights in Europe at 32% in 2019, down from 34% the week before.

Traffic on European airlines’ websites was said to have operated at 80% of 2019 levels in the week ending July 27, according to the Bank of America sky tracker, and British Airways and EasyJet reportedly saw increases of four to six percentage points on their websites.

Losses last year

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) reportedly said airlines lost $ 126.4 billion (105.2 billion euros) last year, confirming that 2020 was the worst year on record for the industry.

IATA Chief Executive Officer Willie Walsh reportedly dubbed 2020 the year the industry wants to forget, and said, “A million jobs are gone,” adding that swift action by airlines and their workers helped them through the crisis.

According to IATA, 1.8 billion people flew last year, or 40% of the 4.5 billion who traveled by air in 2019, and airline passenger revenues fell 69% to 189 billion of dollars.

Revolut data on airline spending

As reported by rte.ieAccording to Revolut’s latest monthly spend report, airline spending for digital banking app customers increased 50% in July compared to June.

Spending at airports is said to have increased 57% month over month, while spending rose 70% at duty-free stores.

The Revolut report for July 2021 also shows that spending outside the Republic of Ireland by Revolut’s Irish customers increased by 39% in July compared to June.

Revolut has over 1.5 million Irish customers.

Among the 45-54 age group, foreign spending would have been 70% higher from one month to the next; among the 35-44 bracket, the increase would have been 55%; there would be a 33% increase among the 18-24 age group; and 31% among 25-34 year olds.

Overall, consumer spending by Revolut’s Irish customers is said to have increased by 8% in July compared to June.

Revolut Ireland public affairs chief Sebastian Hamilton reportedly said: “The introduction of the COVID passport on July 19 appears to have been a major factor in the return of international travel, as shown by soaring airline spending, and in airport stores and tax-free.

“It is also remarkable that the largest increases in overseas spending in July occurred in the 45-54 and 35-44 age groups. This may be a further indication of the impact of the COVID passport on age groups who are likely to have been fully vaccinated in time to travel abroad in July.

Kerry Airport hopes to resume many flights to UK and Europe

The above news coincides with the news. Kerry Airport has said it hopes to resume many flights in the UK and Europe this summer after Ryanair resumed the route between Dublin and Kerry following the collapse of Stobart Air.

As reported by Irish ExaminerKerry Airport also recorded a decrease in turnover to 3.4 million euros last year from 8.6 million euros in 2019.

The airport would have recorded a pre-tax loss of € 189,960, against a profit of € 1.2 million the previous year, which would also take into account a previously announced investment loss of nearly € 306,000 that the airport took on an amount of 1.5 million euros. multi-year market investment at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kerry Airport Managing Director John Mulhern reportedly acknowledged in the accounts the levels of public aid the airport has received, but added that additional government support would likely be needed “in 2021 and beyond “, because the airport anticipates further losses and the costs of keeping its aerodrome license.

Mulhern reportedly wrote in the accounts: “Most commentators continue to predict that air travel will not return to 2019 levels until at least 2023.”

Kerry Airport would have received a total of 1.8 million euros from the Department of Transport in 2020, up from 1.27 million euros the previous year, according to the accounts.

Air Canada restarts flights between Dublin and Toronto

The above news also coincides with the news that Air Canada has resumed flights between Dublin and Toronto.

As reported by Irish weatherAir Canada said it said it flies three times a week between Dublin and Toronto, with return flights to each on alternate days.

Air Canada will fly from Dublin to Toronto on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and from Toronto to Dublin on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Air Canada regional manager, sales, UK and Ireland, Stephen Gerrard of Air Canada reportedly said the service would provide Irish customers with direct access to Toronto as well as connections to 40 destinations in Canada, the United States. United and Mexico.

The airline would use a Boeing 787-9 on the route with 298 seats, including 247 in economy class.

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