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Post-Covid, the year 2022 will see the launch of Akasa Air air services and the relaunch of Jet Airways

Sanjay Singh / New Delhi

After Covid, the year 2022 is expected to see the launch of a new airline, Akasa Air and the relaunch of Jet Airways, according to government sources.

While launching an airline during a pandemic is no one’s choice, Akasa Air, backed by a leading investor, LA and other industry experts, and the other – Jet Airways – seeks to replicate its former glory days.

While it seems difficult for Akash Air and Jet Airways, both to get started amid massive competition witnessed among existing carriers, these aforementioned carriers are striving to stay competitive.Existing carriers like IndiGo SpiceJet are expected to lead a fierce struggle to retain the market. actions, airport slots and key routes.

Akasa Air is started by the former CEO of Jet Airways and GoFirst, Vinay Dube, and is financially supported by billionaire Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. The investment ace investor owns 40 percent of the airline’s equity and is said to inject $ 35 million. Likewise, the former head of IndiGo, Aditya Ghosh, would also be a stakeholder in the future airline and a member of the board of directors.

At the same time, it is recruiting experienced industry executives into senior positions, including former IndiGo treasury manager Ankur Goel as commercial director.

Akash Air cleared its first hurdle after receiving a compliance notice from India’s aviation authorities in August last month and is currently in talks with Boeing for a potential order for 70 Boeing 737 MAXs.

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