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Paul Heyman and Triple H to work closely with Stephanie during WWE leadership changes [Report]

Paul Heyman and Triple H could be Stephanie’s go-to advice if she ends up taking over as CEO of WWE on a permanent basis.

According to a source, when the smoke clears and the dust settles on changes to WWE’s management structure, Triple H and Paul Heyman could be very happy men in very powerful positions. According to a report by Wade Keller of PW Torch, “Paul Heyman is getting along really well with Hunter and Stephanie” and “I could definitely see … Paul Heyman taking a bigger creative role.”

These comments are based on the idea that Stephanie could take over the management of WWE permanently, which Keller seems to think possible based on the information he has gathered. He noted on “Some of the things I’m hearing make me consider the possibility worthy of conversation that this could result in Stephanie taking the helm of the company, and Triple H and I have seen speculation about this on Twitter.”


He denied rumors that Triple H and Stephanie were having marital issues and that a possible split was the reason she wanted to move away. He notes that they are a team. He also said he didn’t think she took time off because she knew this news about her dad was coming. The timing may not be a complete coincidence, but it wasn’t Stephanie’s plan to make herself invaluable or for the board to crawl back and offer the moon and stars to get her back to work. . That said, according to what Vince’s investigation reveals, “it doesn’t rule out that this wasn’t a major turning point in WWE’s power structure.” If the board doesn’t think Vince should continue as CEO, Stephanie could be in charge and Triple H and Heyman would be tied very closely to her to run the show.

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Heyman would be good for the creation of WWE

There was a time when Paul Heyman was the creative lead for WWE, particularly SmackDown and that show had some of its biggest hits under his watch. If he actually has the power to make big decisions and has more clout in the on-air product, some fans are going to be extremely happy.

It makes sense that Stephanie would trust Heyman’s opinion. He knows what the public wants and part of his job as CEO is to make fans happy and increase revenue, which Heyman can do well with a little chaperoning.

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