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If you look at all the brands on Instagram, you’ll find that only a small percentage are gaining traction. Meanwhile, even those with many followers have low engagement.


The problem is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to understanding the Instagram algorithm and growing your following. However, there are a few typical Instagram marketing cultures that could hurt your chances of getting likes, comments, and followers.

To avoid the embarrassment that comes with an Instagram mistake, keep reading to learn more about the 5 most common mistakes brands make. Of course, we also show you exactly how to avoid them.

  1. Post low quality images and videos

Instagram is an 80% visual application. Before submitting anything to your account, make sure it meets these three characteristics:

  • attractive
  • well captured
  • Has vibrant colors

If your photos are lacking, it’s time for a change.

Image @Webster from Unsplash

Many marketers harbor the idea that anything can fit on their Instagram page. They fail to properly analyze the reactions of their audience to the sight of these visuals. You don’t want to be in this category. If you claim to be a quality brand, everything on your page should reflect that.

That said, bad lighting and poor shots aren’t the only things that can make for a poor quality image. Some photos look great after editing, but once you post them to Instagram, the quality looks bad.

In fact, Instagram reduces the quality of images through compression. They do this to prevent the Instagram server from being overloaded.


  • To get the right image, you need to plan ahead. Your photos should reflect adequate lighting and have a good background.

Therefore, take photos in well-lit areas and make efforts to make the environment aesthetically pleasing.

  • More often than not, your images are compressed because they are too large.

For example, if your images exceed the required specifications, they will be poorly compressed. Moreover, you can stay on top of Instagram compression by doing the compression yourself before uploading. With this you can control, to some extent, the loss of image quality.

  • Another solution is to adjust your camera settings before taking the photos. This way, you can stick to the original specs required by Instagram without having to compress or downsize the photo afterwards.
  • Avoid sending your image through too many apps. This may cause a reduction in image quality.
  • Finally, make sure your Instagram app is updated. This way you know that your application is performing at its maximum and not unnecessarily reducing the quality of your image.
  • Keep working on your photography skills and invest in better cameras. By doing this, you position yourself to take better photos and generate enough likes from your audience.
  1. Using hashtags wrongly

Hashtags (#) are one of the best features supported by Instagram. Why? They help your brand:

  • Gain visibility and followers
  • Easily create a community of your target audience
  • Categorize your content

Recent studies claim that adding a hashtag to your Instagram caption will increase your engagement by 12.6%. Posts that have 11 hashtags get 80% more engagement.

Take-out? You should never joke with your hashtags if you plan to grow massively on Instagram.

Now, have you used hashtags but notice that it’s not working for you? Maybe you are doing it wrong. You may have used them excessively in your posts.

Another possibility is that you didn’t create your own branded hashtags and used the wrong ones.

Some marketers even go so far as to use the same set of hashtags for all of their posts. Nope! Do not do that.

Worse still, brands are using banned hashtags in their posts. Instagram has over 120,000 banned hashtags, so it’s pretty easy to make this mistake without even realizing it.


  • Create custom hashtags for your brand. Because they are unique to your brand, they will increase your brand awareness. They will also immediately remind you of people when they show up.
  • Hashtags work like SEO keywords – they help specify your business to your future followers. If your content is about food, you have no reason to use entertainment hashtags in your posts. While there are creative ways to merge the two niches, it’s always safer to maintain your niche when using hashtags.
  • Instagram finders are pretty smart and will notice when you use the same hashtags for all of your posts. It gives the impression that you are focused on promoting your brand rather than distributing relevant content to your followers. Be proactive about using your hashtag. When you continually copy and paste hashtags, your content will appear as spam.
  • To avoid using banned hashtags, do your research before using any. It is quite simple to understand a banned hashtag.

Type the desired word in the search bar and click on the word when it appears in the list of results. Click on the “recent” tab that appears after. If the hashtag is banned, the screen will go blank.

  • Creativity comes with marketing, so only bring new hashtags for your next post.
  1. Download content inconsistently
Image @USABestFashionHub

Inconsistency is a huge disaster for your Instagram marketing. When there are too few posts on your page, your audience will quickly forget about you and your product.

Additionally, Instagram’s algorithm promotes consistency. This is because it conveys the message that you are serious about growing on the platform. So your posts will get a boost.

Moreover, when you constantly post photos, videos, stories on your Instagram page, chances are you will maintain strong engagements on the platform. And the possibility of extending your reach becomes higher.

Always keep your customers eager to visit Instagram because of you. Sometimes you can get your followers to express their views on events in the world. This is how you build a community and skyrocket your brand growth.

Having trouble staying consistent? Here are a few tips.

  • Brainstorm and research content ideas. Be sure to collect as many ideas as possible. When you have an endless stream of ideas, content creation becomes easier.
  • Batch creates Instagram content. This will not only help you post consistently, but also plan and post content strategically. And you will get better results.
  • Use content planning and scheduling tools to plan and schedule your posts. With this, you will not miss posting times.
  1. Buy Likes and Followers
Picture @Everydaymom

As a brand new to Instagram, you may want to quickly attract a large number of followers in an inorganic way. The best way to do this is to post content that appeals to your target audience. And maybe take a chill pill. When you provide value, others will be eager to join your community and learn.

While buy likes can help, you also need to consistently produce top-notch content. Why? Because you can’t always rely on your purchased likes. If you still want to have massive engagement, with or without buying likes, posting quality content is key.

Point: Always identify your target audience and plan to reach and convert them. Over time, your account will grow to millions of subscribers. And you’ll get a natural boost in your engagement and sales.

  1. Grammatical errors

Grammatical errors are one of the most embarrassing things you can find in brand text. They spoil the message you are trying to convey and leave a sour taste in your reader’s mouth.

The last thing you want is to have a grammar mistake linger in your Instagram captions. Fortunately, some apps are specifically designed for this purpose.

If you are always in a rush to post, you should get help from correctional apps like Grammarly. The application will help you spot your grammar errors, efficiently and quickly.

Before downloading your messages, do well to check. All in all, devote enough time to writing Instagram captions and texts. This way you have enough time to patiently check your text for errors.

Why Instagram Marketing is Key to Growing Your Brand

Statistics show that 44% of people buy instagram brands every week. If your business gets a minimum of 30 customers per week through your instagram account, wouldn’t that be a decent win for you?

If you manage your Instagram marketing well, you can get a lot more sales in addition to:

All social media platforms are known to drive interactions and engagements. However, when it comes to engagement, Instagram yields 23% more results than Facebook. With effective strategies, you can build relationships with your customers, respond to feedback, ask questions, and learn while building a strong community.

  • Traffic generation and profits

For many brands, one of the main goals is to generate more websites and increase their profits. With the bio link you attached to your Instagram business page, you can drive more traffic to your website and increase your profits.

Instagram exposes your brand to the world. The application receives more than 2.9 billion visits per month. Thus, brands on this platform have the opportunity to put their brand in the limelight, while telling the world about their products and services.


Instagram is the best place to market your business. But mistakes can reduce your progress and affect your goals. If you made the 5 mistakes described in this article, use the solutions to change things.