Air assistance

New US security assistance program to significantly strengthen Ukraine’s air defenses

The United States announced a new support program for Ukraine, which includes powerful NASAMS systems that will significantly strengthen our air defense.

This is according to a video address to the nation from President Volodymyr Zelensky.


All our defenders!

In the Odessa region, the dismantling of the rubble after the Russian missile attack on Serhiivka is underway. Three missiles hit an ordinary residential building, a nine-story building in which no one hid weapons, military equipment or ammunition, as Russian propagandists and officials always say about such strikes. It was a simple house, about 160 people. It was inhabited by ordinary people, civilians. The recreation center was also destroyed by this strike – an absolutely typical object for the bathing area.

I insist: this is purposeful and deliberate Russian terror, not some mistake or an accidental missile strike. Four people from one family were killed… The murdered boy, 12 years old, whose name was Dmytro… To date, there are 21 people on the list of dead, and about 40 are injured. The numbers have been changing all day, unfortunately the death toll is rising.

Simultaneously with the missiles from Serhiivka, missiles were fired at Zatoka. 12 missiles hit Mykolaiv at once – various objects in the city. It’s only one night and one morning… My condolences to all the relatives, relatives of all whose lives have been taken away by such strikes.

I am especially grateful to the United States of America and personally to Biden for the new Ukraine Assistance Program announced today, which includes very powerful NASAMS systems. A complex of anti-aircraft missiles that will significantly strengthen our air defense. We have worked hard for this supply. In total, this package is worth 820 million dollars and, in addition to NASAMS, also includes artillery ammunition and radars.

We are no less actively negotiating on other new weapons from our partners – this is necessary for Donbass, the Kharkiv region, southern Ukraine. We do everything to break the advantage of the occupants.

The Norwegian Prime Minister visited Kyiv today. We discussed the continuation of defense support for Ukraine, the strengthening of sanctions against Russia. Norway has already given us significant support, but there will be an additional envelope of 1 billion euros. Thanks a lot. We won’t forget.

A special group on international security guarantees for Ukraine has been formed. The group is led by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, ex-Secretary General of NATO (he arrived in Kyiv today). The head of my office, Andriy Yermak, will also work with him.

The group included influential figures from various democratic countries of the world – Australia, United States, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, France, Italy and, of course, Ukraine. The main task of the Group is to develop a format of security guarantees for our country, which will really work and will work in the long term, so that there will be no future aggressions.

We are strengthening Ukraine’s foreign policy ties with Latin America. I had talks with the leaders of Argentina and Chile. Ukraine’s interests will be represented all over the world.

Despite the war, despite all the threats, we are not stopping our movement towards the European Union. Today in the Verkhovna Rada I signed a declaration on European integration together with the President and our Prime Minister. We have clarified with this document that we are beginning to move from candidate status to full member status.

I am grateful to the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who made her support for Ukraine clear in her speech to the Verkhovna Rada today. We won’t waste time. I believe that Ukraine will be able to access membership with as much energy as we did to become a candidate.

I am grateful to everyone who helps our country today, I am grateful to everyone who defends our country.

Glory to Ukraine!