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New radio center built for Croatian air traffic control

ZAGREB, December 8, 2021 – The Croatian Air Traffic Control (HKZP) announced on Tuesday that it has successfully made an investment of HRK 9 million (€ 1.2 million) in the VHF / UHF radio center in the north of the ‘Adriatic, which will increase the total capacity of its air traffic control radio system.

The new radio center is located on Mount Guslica in Risnjak National Park and will be used by the Zagreb regional control center and approach control units.

It was built in cooperation with Risnjak National Park, which will use it as a field station for its monitoring service.

The radio center will ensure the provision of safe, efficient and regular air traffic control services and responsible and rational management of national infrastructure resources, the HKZP said in a press release.

It was built according to environmental protection standards and is an integral part of the protected woodland area of ​​the Gorski Kotar region,.

The investment is part of a HRK 25 million (€ 3.3 million) project to upgrade the operating system. It was launched to ensure that the infrastructure can support the expected increase in air traffic in Croatia in the coming years, the HKZP said.

The European Commission covered 85% of the costs of equipment and infrastructure through funding from the Connecting Europe Facility.

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