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National Logistics Management Seminar held at the Air Force Auditorium

A National Logistics Management Seminar was held on 28 April 2022 at the Air Force Auditorium, New Delhi. The Air Force Chief of Staff opened the seminar and delivered the keynote address. He underscored the need to harness advances in digital technologies, which would help maintain logistical endurance in support of operations. The CAS also urged IAF stakeholders to work towards achieving the overall objectives of the National Logistics Policy (NLP) and the Atmanirbharta goals of the Government of India.

Prominent speakers and subject matter experts shared their insights on NLP and logistics in National Defence. Renowned industry consultants spoke about new technologies in supply chain management. Selected IAF logisticians presented their views on “combat operations logistics and the future needs of the IAF”. These “discussions” generated a lot of interest among the participants of the seminar, which was broadcast live throughout the IAF.

A document on the logistics philosophy of the IAF entitled “Tenets of Logistics” and a book on the history of logistics in the IAF entitled “Footprints in Sands of Time” have been published. The IAF “Principles of Logistics” describe the logistics credo in terms of the concept of logistics operations, core functional areas, leveraging technology to drive business processes, and the need for collaboration with sister services.

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