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More Customers Applying for Duke Energy’s Billing Assistance Program

RALEIGH, NC (WTVD) — Duke Energy said its grid is holding up well in this hot and humid weather. However, the company hit two peaks in summer usage in June and said that, understandably, customers will see their bills go up.

Some people go the extra mile and are willing to pay what is necessary.

“I try to keep it cool. I try to keep the air conditioning on,” Garner resident Jonathan Debnam said. “I try to plan it, I budget it.”

Other people take care of the thermostat.

“It’s been so hot, but I’m trying not to get too high,” said Raleigh resident Shirley Brewington.

She’s retired and can’t afford to see her energy bill go up, she says, so she’s making adjustments.

“I can handle it. I just drink cold water, I need to drink lots of water and try to stay cool,” Brewington said.

With the economy as it is and apparently everything is more expensive, Duke Energy said it is seeing an increase in customers seeking assistance.

The payment arrangement program is a tool for those who are having difficulty paying their monthly bill or are having difficulty catching up on past balances.

Duke Energy said more people signed up for the May-June period.

It increased by 2.4% for Duke Energy Carolina customers and 7.5% for Duke Energy Progress customers.

“We’ve seen a lot of customers take advantage of it. We’ve seen it during the pandemic when people were maybe struggling with business situations or work situations, and now that some of the moratoriums that were in place during the pandemic against disconnection have expired,” said Duke Energy Progress spokesman Jeff Brooks.

The energy company said it was best to reach out as soon as possible.

Brooks also offered tips for reducing consumption.

He suggested making sure air filters are clean and blinds are closed throughout the day.

Also try setting the thermostat a few degrees higher.

“I know it’s hard for people because they want to maintain comfort, but you can actually set that thermostat higher and use a counter-clockwise ceiling fan to create the same cool feeling without using as much electricity,” Brooks said. .

Duke Energy encourages people to enroll in its budget billing program to manage payments so they are consistent.

“It’s great for those of us who know what we’re going to earn each month and have an idea of ​​our budget, and we can plan better and avoid those seasonal surprises that you sometimes see in July, August and September when those energy bills are higher because of the seasonal heat,” Brooks said.

Customers can now enroll after only three months of living in a home.

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