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London Club Level 3 to test COVID air management system

London Club Level 3 to test COVID air management system
December 14, 2020

As the capital moves to Level 3 lockdown restrictions, the 100 Club in central London has been approved as a test site for a new COVID secure HVAC system.

The Pathogen Reduction System (PRS), created by a British company, begins a series of tests at pioneer sites. The first will take place in the world famous concert hall, the 100 Club. The Music Venue Trust also supports this test.

The team behind the PRS says their patent-pending technology is an important step forward in the long-term fight against the coronavirus. The system uses high intensity UVC light to “inactivate 99.99% of dangerous airborne pathogens, including COVID-19, MRSA, measles, tuberculosis and the common influenza virus.”

It is believed that such technology could serve as a lifeline for the struggling entertainment, theater and music industry and, of course, for the hospitality industry at large.

“The 100 Club has always tried to be a leader by bringing new music to the fore and this is an opportunity to pave the way for the reopening of Grassroots Music Venues (GMV) and the entire hospitality industry after the dire consequences of COVID-19. “

–Jeff Horton

Owner, 100 clubs

The struggling hospitality and entertainment industry

Arguably one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, most UK concert halls and theaters are closed, with 45% of the workforce on leave, the UK arts industry and Entertainment is in desperate need of a solution that can help get the numbers back to normal as soon as possible and make their future viable.

The PRs system is to be tested at the iconic 100 Club in London in January 2021. The aim is to prove that the integration of this new system into a building’s air conditioning creates a COVID secure indoor environment, allowing numbers to audience to return to normal before the pandemic for 1,100 British theaters and thousands of concert halls.

Reopen the basic music rooms

Jeff Horton, owner of the 100 club, one of London’s most iconic concert halls that has hosted Glen Miller, Louis Armstrong, the Rolling Stones and Amy Winehouse, commented:

“We agreed to test the PRS technology without hesitation and are very happy to be the pilot site. The 100 Club has always tried to be a leader by putting new music at the forefront and this is an opportunity to pave the way for the reopening of Grassroots Music Venues (GMV) and the entire industry. hotel after the terrible consequences of COVID-19.

“We also see this as an opportunity to make the venue sustainable in case the world is brought to its knees again at some point by another pandemic. “

PRS Founding President Ian Sinclair added, “We are extremely excited to bring this technology to market and believe this is an important step forward in the long-term fight against COVID-19. and other harmful pathogens. There was talk of scientific cavalry – we believe our technology can greatly strengthen this cavalry not only now – but for the future.

Image: A photograph of a drummer performing on stage

Article written by Ella Tansley | Posted on December 14, 2020

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