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John Pollak and Wilmer Valderrama launch Allied Management Group

EXCLUSIVE: Former NBCUniversal executive John Pollack and actor, producer and activist Wilmer Valderrama they’ve thrown Allied Management Group, which focuses on partnering, collaborating and representing new and existing Latin voices in traditional and digital media. Pollak and Valderrama are co-founders and co-owners of Los Angeles-based AMG.

After two decades in the entertainment business as head of global distribution and producer, Pollak will oversee day-to-day operations.

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Clients include CNN showrunner Tuti Loor In search of Mexico with Eva Longoria, and The Word Writer Maria Renée Prudencio.

Valderrama is the latest actor to move into management; last year Kenan Thompson spear Artists for Artists and formed a joint venture with McKeon/Myones Entertainment.

“Latino talent has traditionally been relegated to the Latin American branch of major Hollywood corporations, but thanks to exciting industry change supported by the rise of global streaming platforms, they now constitute a significant part of the overall market. Our mission will be to champion current talent and discover new voices that can help create content that is accessible to all audiences, including the 200% demographic – consumers who consider themselves both 100% American and 100 % Latinos,” Pollak told Deadline.

Valderrama added, “As a community, it’s critical that we see ourselves on screen – it shapes both how we see ourselves and how others see us. However, the reality is that there is an undeniable void of authentic stories told by Latino voices and through the perspective of our creators. I am so excited to partner with John and the rest of the AMG team. Together, we will discover and cultivate new voices, and help our talents deliver authentic and original Latin stories to audiences in the United States and around the world.

AMG’s client list includes the following Latin creators:

Dhana Media (Maradona: Blessed Dream/Amazon; Jenni Rivera’s Story/Univision), led by producers Mari Urdaneta and Liliana Moyano;
Crea84U (Borrego/Paramount), led by producers Monica Gil-Rodriguez and Julie and the ghosts‘Jaime Aymerich;
TDO (rebel/Netflix; Corazón Contento/Amazon) led by producer Paulette Bensussen;
Writer Maria Renée Prudencio (L word/Show time);
The writer Ricardo Avilez Mozota (The Vocals/Vix; Fake/Netflix; El Galan/Disney);
Writer/director Marcelo Tobar (Anna/Pantaya; Moorings/HBO Max; and
Coming No Culpes al Karma/Netflix);
Director Alejandro Hartmann (Carmel: Who killed Maria Marta?/Netflix);
Showrunner Tuti Loor (In search of Mexico with Eva Longoria/CNN; Now and
Showrunner Moira Noriega (Ultimate Beast Master/Netflix; Essential Heroes: A Moment
Latin Event/CBS Special; treasure truck/Nickelodeon);
Author Andrew Paxman (Jenkins from Mexico; El Tigre: Emilio Azcárraga y su imperio
Television with co-author Claudia Fernández)

New projects and clients will be announced in the coming weeks.

Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP acted as legal counsel to Allied Management and John Pollak. Valderrama is represented by UTA and Silver Lining Entertainment.

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