Air traffic

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! This is… a live aircraft spotting simulation

Airplane watching has been a hobby for aviation enthusiasts for generations. Hanging out near the airport, watching planes come and go, maybe even listen to air traffic control on a scanner from your local Radio Shack. Yes, we have been there and it can be a lot of fun! But how can those of us who don’t live near a major controlled airport follow the action? As demonstrated by the [Information Zulu] The YouTube channel’s live stream, seen under the break, the action may be closer than you think!

Aircraft approaching LAX – Virtually

Using publicly available information, software and some ingenuity, [Information Zulu] has created a live simulation of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) for your simulated airplane spotting pleasure. Aircraft position data is obtained via an ADSB receiver and transmitted to the flight simulator software with a Traffic injection module, and the simulator itself is used to correctly place planes, set the weather, and even the correct plane types and liveries. Launching the illusion of a real plane spotting adventure is the live air traffic control radio chatter!

We love the creativity that went into not only making all the software available, but also combining it into a cohesive product that can be viewed 24/7 on YouTube which, if you squint just right, could be confused with a view of reality. thing.

If you’re unfamiliar with ADSB and how it’s used to track aircraft in a way that anyone can get it with the right equipment, check out this ADSB beginner’s course from there. a few years old!