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Indigo plane lands for test at airport, MP expresses gratitude to PM

The new airport built at Deoghar will start soon. It is expected that devotees of Shiva coming to Deoghar at Shravani Mela can enjoy the new air service. The plane’s test landing was made on Tuesday ahead of the inauguration of Deoghar Airport. Indigo’s first flight took off from Kolkata and reached Deoghar airport. IndiGo’s 180-seat Flight 320A took off and landed three times, airport authorities said.

Previously, Sanjeev Kumar, chairman of the Airports Authority of India, inspected Deoghar Airport. He said the airport was fully ready for operation and the opening date would be announced at any time.

The president said efforts would be made to start flying from the airport before Sawan. All preparations related to ATC (Air Traffic Control), runway and operations have been taken care of. All preparations are done except for small things at the airport. The whole firefighting team has arrived here. The month of Sawan begins on July 14. It will run until August 12. The airport is expected to be inaugurated before then, Kumar added.

The Regional Executive Director of the Airports Authority of India, Manoj Gangal, had said the test flight would go ahead soon. According to the announcement, the first trial took place on Tuesday. He said SpiceJet, Indigo and other airlines would be invited for test flights. The first national airline will start. After that, the night service will begin. After these two, we will talk about international air service.

You should know that as soon as the domestic airline starts, 180 passenger airlines will begin to arrive here. The length of the runway at this airport is 2500 meters. The airport has an area of ​​654 acres. There is a garden in front of the terminal. The shape of the dome of the Baba Baidyanath temple has been engraved on the terminal. It is made of steel beats. Passengers coming here will get a vision of the shape of Baba Mandir at the airport itself.