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Hayes Thomas set to launch breakthrough lifestyle management app HCT Finance

When it comes to the lifestyles of the world’s most successful people, public perceptions often center on a mystical air that obscures their every activity. But the reality for many is that with the glitz and glamor comes a high degree of logistical necessity to ensure unfettered access to the most in-demand experiences on the planet. An entrepreneur, Hayes Thomas @iamhayesthomas, thinks they have the fair solution that the VIPs were looking for. Its name is HCT Finance.

There are many aspects to the organization of a notable person’s life. HCT Funding, slated to launch in the second quarter of 2022, combines the elements of wealth management, time management and customer service to provide a complete lifestyle solution for high profile individuals. “Without HCT, there are tens, if not hundreds of hours spent by VIPs each week managing their lifestyle and various logistical complications that need to be considered,” says Thomas. “Furthermore, most of our customers would struggle to get the level of access we provide to a wide range of products, services and experiences.”

Indeed, access is integral to the origin and core value of HCT. During his time as a professional footballer, CEO Hayes Thomas found that others who occupied the same space could not have equal access to opportunities such as tables at top nightclubs. Thomas identified a significant degree of unwanted stress and inconvenience from being away, which led him to found a concierge service with the notion of shared access at its heart. The company shaped Thomas’ understanding of the customer experience and pioneered a philosophy of fair and high quality treatment that has continued through to the current development of the HCT app.

HCT Finance’s FinTech app expands its concierge service and seeks to transform the industry and its customer experience. Providing fingertip access to cars, hotels and clubs, as well as integrated banking, HCT Finance promises to reduce users’ need for separate apps for multiple functions. Lifestyle and money can be managed from a single destination, ensuring unparalleled customer convenience.

Additionally, the new service automates many time-consuming and demanding tasks typically assigned to a VIP or their staff. Searching for flight prices and car charters manually seems to be a thing of the past; Hayes Thomas assures customers that his app will bring them the best deals, significantly reducing the expenditure of free time and resources. The result should be a perfect combination of universal accessibility and ease of use.

Led by a CEO with exceptional industry expertise, HCT Finance’s new app promises to overhaul the logistical demands faced by VIPs around the world. Over the next 2-3 years, Thomas and his company show no letup in their commitment to innovation and aim to become the number one lifestyle management service in the world.