Air traffic

GE Aviation announces partnership to increase air traffic

GE Aviation, with a base at Bishop’s Cleeve between Tewkesbury and Cheltenham, has announced a major collaboration to increase air traffic.

The company, which is number 6 in Punchline Gloucester’s Top 100 Employers, has 1,600 employees at the Gloucestershire site.

A subsidiary of the American company General Electric, it is associated with the American companies SmartSky Networks and Mosaic ATM to improve flight management systems (FMS) and air traffic management (ATM).

The collaboration will develop Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), and is being conducted under a NASA Innovation Award, to connect airborne and cloud-based FMS to get the most out of airspace while maintaining flight safety, allowing thousands more aircraft to fly in the future.

Gary Goz, Product Manager, Navigation Systems, GE Aviation, said, “By combining airborne and cloud-based FMS systems, coupled with a reliable low-latency network, we can meet processing needs while meeting critical safety standards for flight control.”

Brad Mottier, President of Systems for GE Aviation, said, “TrueCourse, GE’s next-generation FMS, with its modular architecture designed for today and the future, is perfectly suited to fulfill this role.”

The system will allow air traffic controllers to have better information in real time.

It aims to minimize delays and improve efficiency required by environmental, social and governance requirements, assisting sustainability planning initiatives.

David Claassen, CTO, SmartSky Networks, said, “Our collaboration with GE Aviation and Mosaic ATM brings many benefits to the field by addressing regulatory challenges, maintaining critical safety standards and providing a force multiplier for airspace management.

Todd Kilbourne, Senior Program Manager, Mosaic ATM, said, “Having reliable, high-speed, secure and interoperable connectivity enables the cloud-based FMS to further improve the safety of the national airspace system and improve capacity for the benefit of all the users.”