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From Iceland – Air traffic controllers’ strike called off

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Jeff Hitchcock / Wikimedia Commons

The air traffic controllers’ work stoppage, which was to take place tomorrow morning, has been canceled, reports RÚV.

The Icelandic Association of Air Traffic Controllers (FÍF) and management representatives signed a new collective agreement. This contract has yet to be voted on and approved by the majority of union members.

Arnar Hjálmsson, director of the FÍF, told reporters he hoped air traffic controllers would vote in favor of the contrast.

The new contract is valid until October 1, 2023, and was finally agreed upon when details regarding the salary increases and the length of the contract were hammered out. The last word, however, is always with the workers.

“I am rather optimistic [that union members will vote in favour]”Arnar told reporters.” It’s up to us to present the contract and convince people that this is a result we can be happy with. If not, we will just have to bring it back and restart the process.

As it stands, however, air traffic is expected to proceed as planned tomorrow.

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