Air assistance

Firefighters rescue people in need of help in Poplar Bluffs

Saturday was a hot day which brought many people to the beach enjoying the summer heat until late morning (sun).

The Saskatoon Fire Department performed a water rescue near Poplar Bluffs around 10:30 p.m. last night (Sat) after a group of people reported one of its members missing.

The group was floating near three sandbars when they lost a member.

Once the SFD crews arrived on the scene, the RCMP was already present and the SFD boat was launched on the river. The Saskatoon Police Department searched the area from the air with their aircraft.

The SFD boat crew found a person in the river with neck-deep water at 10:58 p.m. The person did not need medical attention.

Then shortly after 3.30am this morning (Sunday), the fire department returned to Poplar Bluffs after the RCMP searched for two missing people who were found stranded on a sandbar. The water rescue team assisted the two individuals by bringing them safely to shore. No one was hurt.

Below are tips on how to stay safe when going in or near water…

– Inform someone of your plans and itinerary

-Keep cell phones as charged as possible (don’t drain them)

– Refrain from drinking alcohol that impairs judgment,

-Have a personal flotation device

-Take a whistle and a flashlight as a way to call and inform of your location