Air assistance

Energy Assistance: Assistance worth $180 can help you save on utilities

Millions of Americans are heading into summer and need energy assistance as inflation creates impossibly high utility bills.

There are free assessments and kits worth up to $180 that can help lower your energy bill when the weather heats up.

Duke Energy has a program called Home Energy House Call, which provides a free home evaluation.

An expert can check your entire home and appliances for leaks and give you a personalized list of money-saving tips.

Who can benefit from this energy assistance program?

This energy assistance program is available to 8.2 million people using Duke Energy as a supplier.

There are 6 Duke Energy service states

  • North Carolina
  • Caroline from the south
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky

Energy Assistance: July payment eligibility for $3,200

The program is available to customers in every state except Ohio.

Eligible customers can also benefit from an energy assistance kit to help them reduce their costs.

The kit includes light bulbs, weather stripping and showerheads which are all energy efficient.

The kit is worth up to $180.

Each eligible household can get a free kit every 36 months.

Duke Energy also offers advice on energy assistance

Change your air filters regularly to prevent your systems from working too much.

Set your thermostat to the most comfortable setting possible, with temperatures approaching the same temperature as outside.

When the day is hottest, keep curtains, drapes and blinds closed to keep the heat out.

Use a fan if possible instead of air conditioning.

Grilling outdoors instead of cooking indoors and making it hotter.

Keep your lights off when you don’t need them to stop creating heat and using air conditioning.