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DSM launches high temperature grades for automotive air management

DSM Engineering Plastics is expanding its portfolio of specialty high temperature blow moldable thermoplastic solutions for hot loaded automotive air duct applications with the addition of new Akulon Diablo PA66 grades.

DSM adds to its selection of blow molding grades for automotive applications. [Photo: DSM]

Akulon Diablo PA66 GF25 and Akulon Diablo PA66 GF20 grades both utilize proprietary DSM technology to maintain tensile strength despite rigorous thermal aging tests exceeding 200 ° C for 3000 hours. The unique formulation allows the material to achieve high initial strength and maintain that strength with prolonged heat exposure.

This inherent strength allows for a design of thinner walled parts, which can reduce the total mass of the system by up to 40%. The material has also been engineered to provide robust thermal aging performance both at extreme and more moderate temperatures. This helps ensure that the product operates under a wide range of performance conditions to cover a wide range of application needs.

“With the addition of Akulon Diablo PA66, DSM is pleased to offer a comprehensive portfolio of advanced material solutions for challenging automotive air management applications,” said Jud Gibson, vice president, Commercial Americas, DSM Engineering Plastics.

DSM’s full line of blow moldable material solutions for air management now include:

Stanyl Diablo PA46-GF25 – Extreme peak and continuous temperature performance capability that meets even the most stringent turbocharged diesel requirements.

Akulon Diablo PA66-GF25 / GF20 – A heat stabilized offering that provides the best performance in specific strength and retention properties under extreme and moderate temperature conditions

Akulon Diablo PA6-I-GF15 – Robust processability and performance / cost balance to meet the demands of positive pressure cold charging and certain hot charge air duct applications.

Arnitel HT TPC-ES – Provides flexibility for rubber replacement.

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