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Drastic increase in private air traffic expected at Riverside Airport from Sunday – 102.3 KRMG

VIDEO: Drastic increase in private air traffic expected at Riverside Airport from Sunday

JENKS, Okla. – Oklahoma State’s busiest airport is set to get even busier starting Sunday and for about a week once people start arriving for the PGA Championship in Tulsa.

The airport expects a 25% increase in air traffic and flight schools have been urged to change the way they do business as the airport faces an increase in PGA.

“This will be one of the busiest times we have ever seen in the history of the airport,” RVS Airport Manager Austin Wheeler told FOX23.


Wheeler said air traffic will increase from Sunday, but the noticeable effect on ground operations won’t occur until Monday.

“Athletes competing will probably all arrive on Sunday, and they will arrive on private jets and after dropping them off, those planes will leave,” he said. “It’s the fans and spectators who arrive on their own that will start arriving here on Monday, which is when you’ll start to see the ramp filling up.”

The airport is still open to all, but a Special Intentions Notification must be filed with the flight plan for anyone entering RVS so that parking arrangements can be made for their aircraft, especially if they are staying long term.

“We will ask people who arrive if you will be staying for the entire tournament and if we can store your plane in a place where you may not be able to use it for a few days if you are staying for the entire tournament,” Wheeler said. . mentioned. “It’s going to be like Tetris with planes trying to park everyone.”

In order to cope with the influx of planes, flight schools have been advised that they can still take off and land at the RVS, but must practice their maneuvers and lesson plans at other nearby airports such as the Sand Springs Pogue and Okmulgee Airport.

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“There will be peak times where our lanes will be full of people waiting to leave or people waiting to get to their parking spot,” Wheeler said. “In an effort to try to reduce wait times, we’ve simply asked flight schools to use nearby airports for actual instruction, but they can still take off and land here.”

While RVS doesn’t have a cellphone lot, Uber and Lyft drivers are encouraged to wait nearby as their services will likely be needed by drivers, fans and families.

If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of some famous golfers, Wheeler said viewers should take note of a few things. Golfers like Tiger Woods actually use private plane services to Tulsa International Airport and then take private transportation to Southern Hills. Additionally, many athletes use private planes that cannot be tracked on the flight tracking software application, so it will be almost impossible to know when they are coming and going. It will be easier to meet celebrities on the golf course and even randomly around town when and if they are visiting local points of interest.

“You better take your chances in and around the golf course,” Wheeler said. “Your chances here [at RVS] are thin. and this luck won’t last long at all, even if they fly around here.