Air assistance

BiH calls for international assistance in extinguishing forest fires

The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted today unanimously, in an extraordinary telephone session, the decision amending the decision on the request for international assistance for protection and rescue in the fight against fires, proposed by the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition to the decision, international firefighting support was requested in the form of firefighting forces, firefighting means and aircraft from countries with which Bosnia and Herzegovina has signed agreements and a memorandum of cooperation on protection and rescue, and aircraft under the procedures of the mechanism. for Civil Protection of the European Union (EU).

Thus, the BiH Council of Ministers supplemented last week’s decision requesting the Republic of Croatia for international assistance in the form of sending aircraft (canadairs) with crew to help extinguish fires in BiH .

The search for wider international support to extinguish fires in BiH from the ground and from the air has followed the escalation of fires in BiH, especially in the area of ​​the municipality of Posušje – National Park “Blidinje” and the area of ​​the “Sutjeska” Nature Park.

Fires in Bosnia and Herzegovina are extinguished from the air by helicopters from the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republika Srpska Helicopter Service and the Canadair Air Force of the Republic of Croatia.

The decision to modify the decision on the request for international assistance for firefighting protection and rescue will be published in the “Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina” and will be valid as long as the fire danger lasts, it was announced after the session.