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Aria Hotels plans to offer ‘air taxi’ services to guests in the future

Aria Hotels, a hotel subsidiary of the Libra Group, has announced that it will provide customers with access to electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in the future.

Aria’s decision to lease the eVTOLs follows an agreement with LCIa leading airline, and marks a breakthrough in the global hospitality industry.

“We are very proud that Aria Hotels is the first hotel group in the world to offer the use of eVTOL, which brings this revolutionary technology to Greece, supporting the environment and the economy,” said the CEO. of the Libra Group. George M. Logothetis.

More precisely, Aria Hotels plans in 2026 to offer the use of 10 eVTOL ALIA-250 to help vacationers roam Greece and its islandswhile serving the wider community by transporting urgent goods, in a greener, faster and more affordable way.

While advancing ecotourism in Greece, the announcement also reflects Aria’s commitment to preserving authentic Greek hospitality, including its untouched natural resources.

According to Aria, these highly innovative vehicles will expand the possibilities for guests to discover all the beauty of Greece.

“Aria Hotels is proud to bring this future-proof aircraft to Greece, which promises to revolutionize travel for vacationers who want to explore authentic Greek culture,” said Makis PantazatosCEO of Aria Hotels.

The all-electric ALIA is net zero carbon and designed to carry five passengers and a pilot or 1,400 lb (635 kg) payload. With a maximum autonomy of 250 nautical miles and a capacity to recharge in less than an hour, these planes are ideal for transporting tourists from mainland Greece to its islands and everywhere in between.

Earlier this year, LCI, also a sister company to Aria through the Libra Group, announced the acquisition of up to 125 eVTOL aircraft from BETA Technologies, the US company that designed and built ALIA.

The ALIA’s target delivery date is 2026, when it will be offered to Aria customers.

Aria plans to partner with a local Greek airline to operate the aircraft.

“We are thrilled to offer this experience unlike any other future customers of Aria properties across Greece, whether in Athens, Euboea, Cyclades, Crete, Epirus, Peloponnese or Sporades and Ionian Islands“, added Pantazatos.

Aria Hotels is a boutique hotel group with 50 properties across Greece that is known for curating authentic Greek experiences.

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