Air traffic

Air Traffic Control Squadron talks about emergency and protocol

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – After the fatal Memorial Day plane crash in Cheyenne, we take a look at how local air traffic controllers handle these kinds of emergencies.

The Air National Guard talks about their role in emergency flight situations and keeping airspaces safe.

“The Wyoming Air National Guard runs the tower here. We provide the service that a lot of airports need. First and foremost, we always think of the mission first and we just make sure to keep our Airmen and Pilots safe. said Sr. A. Sung moon, 243rd ATCS Wyoming Air National Guard.

The Wyoming Air National Guard controls Cheyenne air traffic year-round for civilian and military flights. He also has a mobile unit that they take when deployed.

Its base has its fire department and other tools to deal with any crisis.

“If there is an incident then our controllers follow protocol, call the emergency phone, we have security forces, we have firefighters, we have airfield management, emts, everybody on site as quickly as possible in order to remedy the situation,” said Don Hochhalter, commander of the 243rd ATCS Wyoming Air National Guard.

Cheyenne has 3 military entities in a city, the Army National Guard, the active duty Air Force, and the Air National Guard.

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