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The annual Air Force Assistance Fund (AFAF) campaign began March 7, 2022, giving us all another opportunity to help our fellow Airmen and Guardians when they need it most. The AFAF campaign supports four charities dedicated to caring for Airmen and Induction Wardens through the retirement years. The four charities are the Air Force Aid Society, the Air Force Enlisted Village, the General and Mrs. Curtis E. LeMay Foundation and the Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation. They are an example of Air and Space Force people taking care of themselves through a unique “For Airmen and Guardians, by Airmen and Guardians” campaign.

Our annual campaign proves it: we take care of our own! Our base goal for this year is $56,702. You will receive an email from the main workers in your unit and soon see them visiting your team. You have the opportunity to participate in fundraising events by helping or donating. Please get involved! I invite our private organizations like the Chiefs Group, Top 3, CGOs and Units to be creative and have fun with your AFAF fundraisers over the next six weeks.

While the average Air Force base has historically had between 9% and 30% active duty member turnout, Team Dyess is way above average! Thank you for continuing our proud tradition of “commitment to caring” by donating to the AFAF campaign.

“Please learn more about this great effort, participate, and consider giving this year to our fellow Airmen and Guardians,” said Col. Joseph Kramer, 7th Bomb Wing commander. “Thank you for serving at America’s Lift and Strike Base!”