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AccuAir Suspension launches the ePlus app for the e-LEVEL + air management system

AccuAir Suspension, manufacturer of next-generation air suspension control products, has launched the ePlus air management system application. The new app allows users of the AccuAir Suspension e-LEVEL + Air Management System products to control the ride height of their car or truck from a smartphone, eliminating the need for a secondary control source.

Traditionally, e-LEVEL + products have required the use of a hand-held remote control to manage the electronic height-based leveling process. The new ePlus app, powered by Bluetooth 5.0, works in partnership with or independently of the secondary control source.

“AccuAir has a continued focus on providing next-generation air suspension controls, and the launch of the ePlus app is the latest result,” said Ryan Rutledge, controls director of AccuAir Suspension. “We are proud to launch this app as our first re-emergence to the market since its acquisition by Arnott LLC. AccuAir customers have been waiting awhile for this app, and we’re confident that all of the features we’ve built into it will provide the convenience and control they are looking for.

Some of the key features of the ePlus app include:

• Real-time pitch broadcast
• Manual controls
• Live updates
• Valet mode setting
• No height sensor mode
• “LITE” recalibration
• Maintenance programs
• System diagnostics
• Computer backlighting
• Password protection

Real-time height streaming provides a live view of the percentage of suspension travel for each individual wedge, as well as the target height when the system is in position with RideMonitor, the company says. This accurate representation of ride height flow allows users to view their system in real time.

System diagnostics helps users with the process of installing the height sensor, often one of the most difficult parts of the system to install. This screen provides a live view of the system voltages (pressure sensor, height sensors, battery) while allowing manual adjustments. In addition, it indicates whether the calibration is complete, the number of wedges attached, the ignition status and the status of the handbrake.

The ECU backlight allows a user to change the color and brightness of the ECU’s built-in LEDs, providing the ability to customize the light color of your secondary control unit.

The highly anticipated ePlus app, available on Android and Apple devices, is cross-functional with AccuAir systems that work with or without height sensors.

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